What Is Cobalt?

Cobalt is a new way of doing video scene analysis.

It uses new mathematical techniques for extracting information from multi-dimensional data.
It can pick out events in difficult outdoor conditions with high reliability and very low false alarm rates.
Works equally well at visible and thermal imaging wavelengths.

What Are Cobalt Products?

Cobalt products are purpose made applications using the "Cobalt Filters" to target specific customer needs in different areas relating to video surveillance.

Each product is tailor-made to suit a known customer requirement. This enables the user interface to be simple to use with little or no training.

Key Product Features

Cobalt products have a number of outstanding features. In particular:

Nearly all Cobalt products utilise the first three features which are their most distinguished selling points. The final feature enables Cobalt products to be created to satisfy particular customer requirements that other products cannot match.