Cobalt high speed video search

One of the great benefits of Image-DNA

In this 10m20s demonstration we show the analysis of events taking place in a car parking area of an office block. The user is testing out various configurations for areas of interest by drawing a detection window and seeing which events are detected in the recording over a 24 hour period.

Note: audio is required for this clip. The video runs for about 10 minutes.

The video displays the analysis of a recording lasting several days, this is post-recording analysis. The date and time on this recording cannot be extracted from the video stream, and so the recording's clock and the Cobalt clock first have to be synchronised to the the time and date shown on the on-screen display. Several searches are done using different choices of areas of interest. When that is done, the analysis reports the on-screen time and duration of events that are detected. It is not necessary to use the Cobalt expert mode for this kind of surveillance.

Each time the "Analyse" button is clicked a list of events is generated within a few seconds. The entries in the list are ranked with a degree of confidence, but even the lowest ranked are genuine events. They are also assigned a duration: events that occur within a specified time are concatenated for convenience.