Cobalt GUI

Manage multiple cameras on one system

In this 1 minute demonstration we show an example of a multi-camera system being managed with an operator GUI. This is an Astraguard customised GUI that can handle live video feeds securely from hundreds of cameras and multiple remote sites.

Note: there is no audio with this clip

This short video runs through some of the features of this particular GUI starting with the logging on process, and then displaying and managing user selected live cameras in a variety of screen mosaics. Each tile of the mosaic shows a live camera feed that can also function as a video recording player and allow the real setting up of detection zones. The video control is seen to appear whn the user's mouse passes over a tile.

In this way an event that is detected can be instantly replayed and evaluated before returning to the live mode. The detection zones are simple rectangles that can be quickly linked to impose simple yet powerful conditional detection, as in the Cobalt expert mode. A section of this video illustrates how to turn areas of interest into either "controls" or "targets". A control zone can be set to either activate or deactivate a target zone, and so acts like a switch that is set or unset by activty elsewhere.