The simplest setup of a video stream query

Even simple setups cope with strong changes in illumination

The scene here is an infrequently used public footpath bordering on a fence surrounding a secure site. At the top right of the scene we have an overpass from which vehicle headlights can shine straight into the camera. The operator wants to know when people are on the footpath, but does not want false alarms from the car headlights.

Note: there is no audio with this video

The operator simply draws four zones straddling the footpath and turns on the analysis. While the system is running these remain invisible until there is an event in the areas defined by those zones. In this short video the only event reported is the skate-boarder, there are no alarms from the considerable interference arising from the strong changes in illumination.

The operator has also chosen to highlight the most significant areas of activity in the scene, marking them with yellow dots. This helps with defining "safe" areas when chooosing of areas of interest.

We see that most activity comes from the headlights illuminating the fence and car headlights within the secure perimeter. Avoiding that activity would require use of the expert mode (and better illunmination of the area both sides of the fence). Note that the skate-boarder is signalled as an activity in the scene for most of his journey down the path. There is one dark area where he is not detected at the default significance level for this display of general activity.