Tutorial #1 on the expert mode

Connecting detection zones to enhance queries

In this 3m58s tutorial we show how to modify a simple setup to detect different kinds of events by connecting detection zones in such a way that one effects the the behaviour of another. This opens up the possibility of formulating specific queries.

The process of setting up areas of interest and testing them is made possible by the fact that the entire video has already been analysed at the time of capture with the analysis results encoded as Image-DNA.

Note: audio is required with this video
This is the first, introductory, video of a tutorial series on the expert mode

This video illustrates how to turn areas of interest into either "controls" or "targets". A control zone can be set to either activate or deactivate a target zone, and so acts like a switch that is set or unset by activty elsewhere.

One control zone can control multiple targets, and any of those targets can in turn be converted into controls that control yet other targets. However, the recommedation is to keep things as simple as possible: one level of control is sufficient for most queries.